The RISE Board focuses on identifying areas in which, working collaboratively with partners to make the best use of everyone's expertise, we can accomplish meaningful empowerment for refugees and immigrants with disabilities. In addition, RISE staff attorneys and legal assistants work to ensure those who qualify for disability benefits are able to be approved for benefits, as quickly as possible.


Disability Legal Representation

We work with disabled refugees and immigrants to help them obtain Social Security disability benefits.

To understand the process better, please click here to read the brochures in multiple languages.



Community Navigators Project
Culturally Responsive Healthcare Provider Network
Vocational Counselors for Bridge Employment

If you’d like to learn more about our programs, please contact our Programs Manager at 971-270-0755 or programs@riseNW.org.



Our goal is systemic justice for refugees and immigrants with disabilities, their families and communities. We pursue our goal through the judicial system and the legislative branch. Click here for more information.