Vocational Counselors for Bridge Employment

Our experience representing hundreds of disabled refugees and immigrants in the Social Security disability process has taught us what Social Security analysts and judges are looking for in applications for benefits. The truth is – too many people apply without meeting the criteria. Too few attorneys or communities acknowledge or understand that the result is tragic – individuals waiting for two years to be approved when they are not going to be approved. We do not encourage applications when we believe that a person is not eligible.

However, our Board recognizes that for a refugee or immigrant who is unable to enter the full-time competitive job market due to physical or mental disabilities, being told “you won’t qualify for disability benefits” leaves them with no other options.  

Our Board decided that we should seek to build a network of vocational counselors who are interested in working with job developers to identify unique opportunities for refugees and immigrants with barriers to full employment.  If these refugees and immigrants can succeed in less demanding work settings, we believe that the experience will provide a bridge to full employment.

We will launch this effort in mid-2018. 

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