Culturally Responsive Healthcare Provider Network

After many years of representing disabled refugees and immigrants in the Social Security disability process, we noticed a worrisome trend.

Many Oregon healthcare providers do not document the role of cultural differences in symptoms, and many more do not recognize that culture and trauma play a critical role in how an individual experiences severe medical impairments.  

This failure to understand or document the significance of culture means that refugees and immigrants often are not recognized by their healthcare providers to be facing unique challenges in employment, which leads to disapproval of disability benefit applications, among other adverse results.  

With support from The Collins Foundation and the Immigrant and Refugee Funders Collaborative we are working to identify a network of providers in Oregon who meet criteria for cultural responsiveness and are interested in treating refugees and immigrants.  When requested by our refugee and immigrant clients, we then will connect them to these providers for care, so that their social, cultural, and linguistic needs are met.  

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